Handwriting Recognition

Unlike traditional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, handwriting recognition for digital writing is performed by analyzing every ink stroke captured by the digital pen. It is proven to be highly accurate.

The InfoMax iFORMation™ Platform uses the latest digital writing recognition technology. Combined with a well-designed form and our intuitive online form management and verification tools, you will be able to get the most out of your handwritten forms:

  • The platform can recognize different handwriting styles with users completing a simple handwriting training form
  • You can attach custom lexicons to individual fields on the form in order to improve handwriting recognition accuracy
  • You can define custom validation rules for individual fields on the form in order to reduce the need of manual validation
  • Side-by-side form view allows you to view user's handwriting and the recognized digital text at the same time
  • You can define verification alerts for individual fields based on the recognition result
  • Whenever possible, the system will provide other “suggested results” for a field
  • Users can make corrections on the form by crossing out previous handwriting
  • Capability to recognize symbols such as rectangles and circles
  • If needed, you can trace the handwriting to find out how a form is filled out
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